8 Secrets to Managing Your Social Media Campaigns

Now that your business is up and running, you want to have a more active role in your social media campaigns.

You’ve tried everything and it’s been hit and miss ever since.

What do you need to do?

Businesses with successful social media campaigns means that they have enough time to make mistakes and correct them.

However, as entrepreneurs, we can’t afford to make more mistakes than we need to.

Here are the secrets that successful businesses use to manage their campaigns.

Secret #1 – Consistency

It’s all about being consistent and posting content that your audience values. Yes, cat photos and videos are nice but if you want more interested people, insightful and engaging content is the way to go.

Aim to post at least twice a day on Facebook, five times a day on Twitter, at least twice on Instagram.

By posting consistently, not only you give your audience more chances to interact with you but more importantly you increase your reach organically.

Secret #2 – Engage

Social media is a conversation, it’s not just about you or your product or service. Make sure your posts engage your audience. You ask them questions, ask them what they think, ask them what they want to hear from you, ask them what you need to do to improve.

The most important thing? Answering them back. You should answer back because it’s a conversation.

Secret #3 – Make Use of Images

Make sure you use lots of images. Use interesting ones that will catch your audience’s attention.

Why, you ask? Well most of your users will simply be skimming their feeds and if an image pops out and catches their attention, they’re more likely to read the accompanying message.

Secret #4 – Information and Value is a Currency

Everybody will tell you that content is king, it sure is. However, it’s not just any content.

You can’t be a clothing company and post about computer repair. It’s still content, but is it the right content for your business? See the difference?

You need to be of value to your audience and it’s actually pretty simple to do. Whenever you write a post ask yourself this, will this improve the lives and business of those reading this?

If the answer is yes, then you’re ready to post. If not, then you might need to change it.

Secret #5 – Detailed Posting Schedule

Sample editorial calendar from Capitalize Social

Successful social media campaigns of businesses and companies a detailed posting schedule.

Remember the way you post on your personal account? That won’t cut it for your business page. It just won’t work.

If on your personal account you can simply snap photos and then post all of them at once, it won’t work for your business. There needs to be context to whatever it is you post on your business page and that’s why you need a detailed posting schedule.

Another advantage of a detailed posting schedule is that you can easily outsource it when the time comes.

It’s easy to create your own posting schedule. Here’s a guide from QuickSprout on how you can easily create one.

Secret #6 – Hashtags and Branding

Have you ever read articles that said don’t use hashtags on Facebook since it’s a Twitter thing?

Well, Facebook has embraced the rather attention-grabbing hashtag. Instagram, too. So it’s time that you embrace it to on your social media campaigns.

This is where you can further boost your branding. It’s not just simply hashtagging (hopefully, this is a word) your brand or your name but using industry specific hashtags.

Remember, people can now search hashtags on just about any platform. So if you do put on a hashtag, especially a viral one that’s related to your niche, then the chances of your page and post getting discovered by others just increased a hundred fold.

Secret #7 – Listen to Your Audience

Was there ever a time where you disregarded a notification? On your personal profile, I’m sure you have and it’s fine to do it. For your business page however, it can be disastrous.

You’ll get notified if someones has tagged your business or retweeted your post, giving you a chance to thank them or engage with them.

You’ll get notified if someone left you a Facebook review, giving you the chance of responding to them if it’s a good review or addressing it right away if it’s a bad review.

You’ll get notified is someone has mentioned your business, giving you the opportuntiy to know if they’re a possible customer or a rabid fan that wants to get your attention.

It’s important to listen to your audience and listen to what they have to say.

Here are other ways that you can use social listening to your advantage.

Secret #8 – Don’t Use Facebook’s “Boost Post”

Don’t even think about touching it. Why? Because you can do it effectively by creating a proper ad in Facebook’s ad manager.

Essentially you’ll be throwing away your budget if you do it.

Know more about the “boost post” feature here.

That’s it

These are the secrets that successful businesses and marketers use.

Giving your audience what they want instead of posting what you want to post means that you’re engaging your audience. High engagement means more reach, likes, shares and comments which leads to more leads and sales.

Social media is powerful and even more so when you do it right.

Do you have any secrets to share that has helped you and your business?

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