Get More Followers On Facebook For Your Business in 3 Steps

How can you have more success on Facebook?

Let me tell you this, it’s not impossible. First of all, let’s get all the billion dollar companies out of the way. We’re not going to talk about what McDonalds, Burger King, or Gatorade does?

Let’s focus on entrepreneurs and small to medium sized businesses that has a commanding social media presence. It doesn’t necessarily mean they have hundreds of thousands in fans – but their strategy seems to work that they get people into their pages and then convert them to customers.

First take a step back…

Why you ask? Let’s shift your perspective here.

Now look at your Facebook page and ask yourself, “Do I like what I see that I feel the need to follow this page right now?”

Step 1. Post Valuable Content

It doesn’t always need to be a blog, although I highly recommend posting your blog or at least a link to it at least once a week.

However, if you’re not going to post a blog everyday, what will you post?

There’s a ton of content that can provide value to your followers. You can post tips, strategy excerpts, quotes, blurb from a magazine.

Do you know why pages run Trivia Thursdays, or something similar? Because it provides value.

Step 2. Regular Posting Schedule

It doesn’t mean that you need to post 10 times a day. However, you can’t post only once a week and you definitely can’t live with posting “whenever you feel like it.”

According to Buffer, the ideal posting frequency for Facebook is 2 times per day, everyday. You can read more about it and what are the ideal posting frequency for other platforms here.

So if you’re posting twice a day, stick to it. If you post once in the morning and another one before dark, stick to it. That way your followers will be expect your posts during those times.

Step 3. Engage Your Audience

It’s in the way you post, the way you communicate with them.

For example, how do you expect your followers to comment on your post if you’re not giving them a chance to comment.

If you post “The sky is mighty blue today,” don’t expect everyone to comment.

Try asking questions, posting pictures, running contests.

Always have a call-to-action so that your followers know what to do after reading your posts.

Here some awesome ways to spur engagement with your followers.

That’s It

I hope this helps you get more followers to your page.

If you have other tips that you use to get more followers, let us know in the comments below.

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